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International Food Club

International Food Club is an online store and Orlando grocery warehouse built for customers in need of worldly cuisine and ingredients. We have a broad selection of quality food from over 20 countries, as well as specialty hookahs, tobaccos, wine and beer from all over the world. International Food Club offers you the opportunity to buy these hard-to-find foods in person and at your fingertips online.
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Shop through an endless selection of international food brands online. International Food Club gives you access to a deep selection of world foods without the hassles and prices that come with international shipping. This collection includes a variety of foods that are hard to find and delicious, including name-brand international favorites like Ahmad Tea options, as well as Osem and Shan Foods products.
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Our Mission

Our Vision

At International Food Club, we offer customers throughout the United States online and wholesale access to purchase food favorites from all over the world. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality of international food products, along with great service and affordability to anyone, anywhere in the country.
International Food Club aims to be the leading ecommerce and wholesale provider of world foods to customers in the United States. Through quality products and service, we will continue growing the market for international food, giving more people the ability to purchase items from throughout the world.

A Worldly Shopping Experience

Our Orlando store offers a unique shopping experience for customers looking for international selections in Central Florida. We have foods, beverages, spices, fruits, vegetables and more from numerous countries available in one shopping trip. Our café and bakery offer fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads and more for a lunch option unlike any other in the area. We provide a shopping experience that's enjoyable by combining customer service with a unique selection of brands unavailable in most grocery stores.

Visit us in person: 4300 LB Mcleod Rd. Orlando, FL 32811

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